Pollen Burst

Pollen Burst and Pollen Burst Plus

With Pollen Burst you get a natural burst of energy that last for hours plus the all important SOD that helps with anti-aging.
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Pollen Burst is the world’s first energy drink powered by Bioavailable Superoxide Dismutase or SOD to reduce oxidative damage and stress.

Pollen Burst aids in the following:
1. Increases Energy
2. Anti-Aging
3. Antioxidant
4. Curbs Appetite
5.  Reduces oxidative damage and stress

Pollen Burst Energy Drink With SOD

Pollen Burst™ is the world’s first energy drink of its kind. It is powered by hypoallergenic, organically grown flower pollen extracts. It also has the body’s most powerful antioxidant, superoxide dismutase also known as SOD.

Within minutes of drinking this fantastic tasting product called Pollen Burst you will feel the focused energy you get from the world’s first bio available superoxide dismutase extract. This is your body’s most important defense against aging, disease and inflammation and other toxins that  come at us from all directions. Pollen Burst also has green tea extracts, B-Vitamins including the all important B12 as cyanocobalamin. B12 in a liquid form is absorbed much better because B12 is absorbed in the mouth or by injection. B12 in a pill that you swallow really does not do much for you as the vitamin is not absorbed in the stomach. The B12 pills that are dissolved under the tongue are a lot better to take and usually come in an orange flavor. You can get these here at the Youngevity website. Pollen Burst is all natural, very low in calories and low in natural sugars with no added artificial sugar substitutes or stimulants.

Pollen Burst Mixing Instructions

Just add one stick pack of Pollen Burst powder to 8 oz of water, shake and drink. Two stick packs a day is the maximum suggested use. I personally like to mix my Pollen Burst with my Tangy Tangerine Multi-Vitamin mineral Complex. I use 12 oz of water when I use the two together. The flavor is enhanced when the two are mixed together and it’s really delicious!

Pollen Burst Natural Burst Of Energy Plus SOD

Pollen Burst Gives You A Natural Burst Of Energy

For more information on Pollen Burst visit my Youngevity Company Website.

Our newest Pollen Burst product with the New Zealand Blackcurrant
Pollen Burst Plus

2 thoughts on “Pollen Burst

  1. Pollen Burst is one of the top products I have gotten from Youngevity. I sometimes mix it with Tangy Tangerine and drink them together. This product Pollen Burst acts as an antiinflamatory and I need that as a back condition is always acting up. Pollen Burst taste better than the Tangy Tangerine to me but mixing it works well.

    Disclosure: I am a Youngevity representative and I sell these products and may make money or commissions from their sale.

  2. We love this product! My husband and I have tried many other “hydrating healthy” drinks and this one is by far our favorite. I have more energy and feel hydrated much faster. My body just eats it up! It is a bit more costly, however, but I will keep buying it. I do not sell this product, I get it from my chiropractor.

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