Pollen Burst Plus

Pollen Burst Plus With Blackcurrents From New Zealand

Pollen Burst Plus With Blackcurrents From New Zealand

Pollen Burst Plus Stick Pack

Pollen Burst Plus Stick Pack

Pollen Burst just got better with Pollen Burst Plus!

Pollen Burst Plus contains a powerful antioxident in the form of the New Zealand BlackcuAll the great ingredients of Pollen Burst but with the added benefits of the New Zealand Black Currant which is a powerful antioxident.

The New Zealand Blackcurrent generate substances called “Phytochemicals” to protect themselves from environmental stresses. Anthocyanin is one of those “Phytochemicals” made by Blackcurrant. This berry is grown in New Zealand with cold winters and strong UV in summers, New Zealand Blackcurrants produce significantly more Anthocyanins than those grown in Europe and anyplace else in the world.

Blackcurrants are grown under ideal conditions in the New Zealand weather and have the best quality with the highest density of nutritious substances and are of the richest flavors. When you combine the rich flavors of the Blackcurrent and the environment of New Zealand the poly phenols that act as antioxidants you end up with a superior product.

Latest research as you will see in the video below confirms that not only are New Zealand blackcurrant fruit the richest natural source of blackcurrant polyphenols available they also outperform acai, goji, pomegranate, grape seed, pine bark, bilberry and blueberry anti oxidant potency.  The blackcurrant has a very wide unique range of antioxidants giving you the best defense against free radicals.  When your DNA sustains an estimate of one million lesions every 24 hours theres definite reason to take this convenient Pollen Burst Plus in the stick pack on a daily basis. This  form of blackcurrant is one of the best for you general health and well-being.  Blackcurrant antioxidants can help lower the risk of numerous diseases and are also excellent for athletes as you will soon see.

The video is not associated to Pollen Burst Plus but I decided to plase it here for your viewing because of the content is supplies. The video has a lot of great information in it.

Pollen Burst Plus - Supplemental Facts

Pollen Burst Plus – Supplemental Facts

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One thought on “Pollen Burst Plus

  1. Pollen Burst is an excellent product to add to your daily intake of vitamins and minerals. I mix it with my Tangy Tangerine and it takes on a great taste that is easy to drink. Pollen Burst asts as a natural anti inflammatory and helps with some pain relief. It does not get rid of it all but even a slight ease up of pain makes it worth taking. It mixes well with water all by itself.

    Youngevity now has a new Pollen Burst Plus with the Blackcurrent from New Zealand. It is a great source of antioxidants. I am ordering a box of it with my next months autos hip that I have. I get my auto ship program in every month automatically. It makes it so easy to get my products from Youngevity.

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